Диско-бар "Планета Рок" / Planet Rock Bar

г . Брест, ул. Пионерская, 48

Телефоны : (+375 162) 46 64 83, (+375 162) 46 03 28, МТС: (+375 29) 545 46 64

e-mail: info@planetrock.by; e-mail для заказов: planetrock@fivestars.by


"Planet  Rock" Disco Bar

Planet Rock was established in 1998 as being the best night club and restaurant in Brest, Belarus. Our doors are open to you at 7 in the evening until 5 in the morning. If you want to have a great time in Brest we are located at 48 Pionerskaya Street, if you are taking a taxi car then just tell them to take you to “The Planet”. At Planet Rock you have hundreds of beautiful women and men meeting every evening. Come and enjoy the fun!


Planet Rock offers a unique, comfortable, and stylish décor with murals of various celebrities. Come and see for yourself! We have state of the art sound and multimedia equipment for your utmost enjoyment. We also offer exclusive parties, presentations, and shows. Planet Rock is a non-smoking facility, but we do provide a smoking lounge on the second floor.


To relax, just sit in our spacious bar which offers a wide variety of drinks. Don’t forget to try our tap beer, which is absolutely the best!


The restaurant hall, located in the back of the disco bar, is intended for special events, or just to gather with your friends for a nice evening of dining and dancing. Please contact the staff for a reservation. The Restaurant offers American cuisine influenced by French, Spanish, and Italian chefs, or you can try our Belarusian food.

Planet Rock disco-bar, as well as the chain of “Sladkiy Ugolok” (Sweet Corner), and Magellan Café is owned and operated by"CONTINENTAL USA" , Inc .
A USA company Doing Business As (DBA) “FIVE STARS”, e-mail: info@fivestars.by, http://www.fivestars.by